Since every project is unique, this is only a basic list of some of the services that we provide. Depending on the individual needs of each client we can pull resources from other fields such as our architects on staff.
Our services include but are not limited to:
Asphalt Maintenance
Land Clearing
Building of Driveways
Lot/Acreage Mowing
Erosion Problems
Grading of Private Roads
Shell/Stone Driveways
Rip Rap
Fill Dirt
Tree Service
Mulch and Distribution
Culvert Pipe Installation

Other services include:
Cement & Concrete Work
Outdoor Lighting
Irrigation Systems
Walls & Steps
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Bare soil is an invitation to weed growth.   Weeds crowed out the groundcover's and shrubs.  Leave some soil surface bare to allow new plants room to grow, fill in bare spots with groundcover as quickly as possible.

Groundcover is any plant that grows close to the ground; spreading vines, prostate plants, dwarf shrubs, and low perennials are considered groundcover.  Plant groundcover after all your trees and shrubs are in place. Low growing plants fill in empty spaces beneath taller plants, giving planting beds a finished look and preventing weeds from taking over.  However, groundcover's are more than just fillers, By planting a bed with nothing but groundcover gives the landscape a simple, sophisticated look.  When trying to achieve this effect, make sure bedlines are smooth and well-defined.  Groundcover's are also great for lining walk ways, patios. Some are great for tucking into the crevices of rock gardens or between stepping stones.  When you're laying out bedlines and adding trees and shrubs to your landscape, remember to save room for the last layer of the planting bed.
Preparation to take down the big Cuban Laurel in the background....Click to Enlarge
Land Clearing... Click to Enlarge
Whats left of the Cuban Laurel - Grinding the top of the trunk with a Gyro  Trac to remove stump....Click to Enlarge
Land Clearing South Ft. Myers, FL....Click to Enlarge
Land Clearing - South Ft. Myers burning of debris....Click to Enlarge
Creating a fire break around a Lehigh Acres, FL home....Click to Enlarge
Air Curtain Insinerator burning of debris in Ft. Myers....Click to Enlarge
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Preparation to take down the Cuban Laurel
Land Clearing
Whats left of the Cuban Laurel
Land Clearing South Ft. Myers, FL
South Ft. Myers burning of debris
Creating fire break around  Lehigh Acres, FL home
Air Curtain Insinerator burning of debris